How to Stock Your Chuck Box?

When we go on a picnic, we’ll have a better time if we pack the food in the right way. It’s interesting to get together and eat tasty, clean food, isn’t it? Here are some ideas for keeping the food in the box simple and safe while traveling.

Choose a type of bin to store food:

Ice storage boxes are the most commonly used type to preserve food when away, such as on a picnic or camping. Usually, these specialized boxes are coated with insulation on the inside. Therefore, the food is not affected too much by the temperature of the outside environment.

Next, you need to treat the food before putting it in the bin!


You should wash meat after buying it, then let it dry before putting it in a clean, dry bag. For fresh meat, wrap it in 2 layers of plastic wrap, then place it in the fridge to freeze. To keep meat cold longer, place frozen meat in the bottom of a cooler or freezer.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are easy to get waterlogged during long-distance travel.

  • Before you take vegetables out of the garden, you need to pick them carefully and remove any broken or wilted parts.
  • Choose a zip bag instead of a regular plastic bag. Because zip bags are thicker, airtight, and neater when stored in the freezer.


Chill or freeze beverages before storing them in the freezer. This will help the freezer stay cold longer, and you will have a refreshing drink.

Some other notes for food preservation:

During the day

Keep your food in the trunk of your car, even if you are sitting nearby or going for a walk, and especially if you go hiking to enjoy the beauty of nature. The trunk will prevent “nature friends” from getting close to your food.

At night

Raccoons and brown bears are very good at opening ice boxes. You need to be aware of this. Some cooler manufacturers claim that they have bear-resistant designs, but you’ll still need to use a padlock to secure your food more securely. You can hang food bags from a tree branch or use a bear-proof food container if bears are a nuisance at the campsite.

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